Unified Messaging – UNIVERGE® UM8000

woman-business2Voice mail and e-mail are the mainstay of today’s productive organization.  The fax can still be important that’s why Batt’s Communication is here to help.

With NEC’s UNIVERGE UM8000 system, even the busiest organization can efficiently manage the wealth of messages generated each day – no matter what form those messages come in.


NEC’s UM8000 is an in-skin unified messaging system designed specifically for NEC’s SV8100 and SV8300 communication servers.  It offers:


  • Abundant message storage
  • Scalability from 2 to 16 ports
  • The option of adding up to 4 fax ports
  • A mailbox manager where users can configure their individual preferences
  • Fully integrated messaging
  • Hospitality (designed specifically for hotels, motels and resorts)